Tunes for your Tuesday

So, I came across T. Swift’s new music video…which is a single from her new album, 1989.  While I haven’t been the biggest T. Swift fan in the past, this one is really fun, catchy, and just makes me want to get up and dance around the room.  It reminds me a little bit of college and our Back 5 dance parties (that time I lived in my sorority house with 4 of my best friends…yes, that is FIVE girls in ONE room). I think this would have been one of our favorites.

Get a little pep in your step today and enjoy some new tunes from T. Swift.

The Church Search

Now that Josh and I are pretty well settled in Birmingham we’ve been doing the Church Search.  I think this is possibly one of the hardest things to do when moving to a new city, especially when you’ve had great church homes in the past.  You always end up comparing the churches you are visiting to the ones to your old church home(s).  Doesn’t that seem a little wrong?  COMPARING churches to one another?  It definitely feels weird to me. Finding a church home that fits your family is really important and really does require some analysis…but how can you do this in a way that isn’t judgmental?  After all, aren’t we called to LOVE one another…not JUDGE?

On our search for a new church home I’ve tried to be really respectful and not criticize the message or the congregation. The reality is, every church is not going to be a good fit. Hello – that’s why we have a ton of different denominations – all believers don’t approach faith in the same way.  These churches we’ve “tried out” are obviously providing nourishment to their congregation…even if it didn’t seem like the right fit for us.

While we haven’t found our new church home yet, I’m confident we will.  God will find a place that nourishes us, provides us with community, and has a worship service and message that reaches to our core.

A Little Friday Music

Yesterday I made my weekly drive from Nashville to Birmingham (though Josh would rightfully argue it hasn’t been weekly as of late). On the way down one of Needtobreathe’s new songs came on the Pulse (thank you Sirius XM!).  It reminded me that I had been meaning to download their latest cd (do you still call it a cd when you don’t have the physical cd??).  So I did just that and have been jamming to them ever since.  Josh even jammed with me while we did a little cleaning last night.

I am really liking ‘Multiplied’ and it just so happens that they released their official video for the song TODAY! I’ve put that video and the lyrics below.

Your love is like radiant diamonds
Bursting inside us we cannot contain
Your love will surely come find us
Like blazing wild fires singing Your name

God of mercy sweet love of mine
I have surrendered to Your design
May this offering stretch across the skies
And these Hallelujahs be multiplied

This song is such a great reminder of how awesome God’s love, a beautiful vision of worship, and a reminder to surrender to His plans for my life. It reminds me of an alternative version of a praise song, with the 2 stanzas repeating throughout the song, really letting the words and the message sink in.

Like their folksy, southern rock, Christian vibe? You can go to their website to hear more, follow them on Instagram, follow them on Twitter, or just download their sweet beats.

twenty-nine + feeling fine

Twenty nine…teetering on the edge of 30 but still feeling a bit of that mid-20s spirit.  People often have a “30 before 30 bucket list” of things they want to accomplish, places they want to go, and things they want to do before turning 30. While I believe that life is in fact fleeting and every day should be lived to the fullest, I’m not going to outline the 30 things I want to do before I am 30.  Honestly, the thought of creating that list and trying to get all of those things accomplished stresses me out and causes  a bit of anxiety to rise in my chest. Instead of tackling a mountain of to-dos this year, I simply want to be.

I want to be present when I am with family and friends – not distracted by technology or things that aren’t pressing needs. I want to be joyful and find the happiness of life and really dwell in those moments. I want to be dedicated to all of those things that have importance in my life – whether that’s my faith, my family + friends, work, writing, exercising, or creating. I want to simply give the people I love and the activities I love dedicated time and space in my life.

I want to fully live life, taking advantage of the opportunities I am given without worrying about what I haven’t done, haven’t accomplished, or where I haven’t been.  This worry of the “have nots” really means I’m comparing my life to those who’ve done life differently. Instead, I want to focus on what I have done, have accomplished, and where I have been.  As I inch towards 30, I want to fully embrace where I am, what I’ve been given (which is an abundant amount!), and who I am becoming.

Here’s to putting worry, comparison, distraction on the shelf and embracing the joys of this life I’ve created.


Thankful Thursday

Time to pick up where I left off about a year ago. I started reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts more than a year and a half ago and was instantly motivated to start my own list of thanks. Like a lot of things in life – this list slowly dwindled from my radar and I stopped recording my thanksgivings.  I don’t know exactly why – other than I had stopped writing much of anything over the last year. It was a year full of work and school…and trying to fit in time with Josh, family, and friends when those 2 things weren’t consuming my life.  Now that school is over, I have a renewed desire to write and record my thoughts, memories, and thanksgivings.

So here I am, revived to pick up my list again.

Last year I ended with these 4 things:

24. More daylight, which means more time outside – more grilling out, more time in the yard, more hiking, more country drives with the windows down and sunroof open

25. Warm mornings. Joshua and I have a renewed desire to wake up earlier and get our day going now that the sun is rising earlier

26. A husband who holds me accountable to my personal goals. This morning Joshua kicked me out of bed for my desired morning run. I really would have loved to lay there and cuddle longer, but with the evenings staying so warm, I know I’ll have better runs if I get up and go in the morning

27. This morning’s run. So thankful I didn’t miss the beauty God has created for us to enjoy by staying in bed this morning. A country road in the morning light provides such serenity and joy

Today, I find myself thankful for:

28. Free time in the evenings to do things I enjoy – no longer dedicated to school!

29. Challenging projects at work that are allowing me to grow

30. My cell phone. As silly as this may seem, when your are managing a long distance marriage – the pieces of technology that keep you connected become important.  Thankful for our time on the phone every morning and evening

31. Renewed dedication to running – I’ve really missed my time outside with my feet hitting the pavement. Running always brings me joy

32. She Reads Truth – a great community of Christian women studying God’s word together and pursuing a life dedicated to His glory.

What are you thankful for today?

Rainy Friday

I don’t know what it looks like in your neck of the woods – but it looks a little something like this out of my window


Doesn’t that just make you want to curl up with a good book under a pile of blankets? or have a movie marathon? Yeah, me too! Thankfully it is Friday, which means a weekend filled with time to relax and rest…and also lots of time to get some projects completed around the house.

This weekend’s list includes:

  1. Hanging the guest bathroom shower curtain
  2. Mowing the lawn.  We were gifted an awesome Toro Mower that folds up to create a smaller footprint in the garage! We’re looking forward to using it for the first time this weekend (as long as the rain slows)
  3. Unpacking more boxes upstairs
  4. Moving seasonal boxes to the attic
  5. Laundry and normal cleaning

I’m also looking forward to exploring our new city some more.  The Farmers Market is calling my name..I’ve identified 2 potential spots, but would love some greater Birmingham suggestions!

Finally, during my devotional time this morning this song came on Pandora – and I can’t get it out of my head.

Well, hello!

It’s been almost a year since I last updated the blog…A YEAR! We got into a really good groove this year and I think that has been a big pull to blog less (ahem – not at all) and soak in the memories we are making. I have enjoyed being present and just living life rather than thinking of life through the lens of the blog.  I’ve seen this trend across the web – with bloggers taking a break to focus on life and loved ones.  It’s kind of nice to see a shift away from being constantly connected.

Our year has been so full  of wonderful memories, including surprise engagements for some of our close friends, an amazing beach weekend with some of my favorite gals, a few fantastic weddings, birthdays, a new job for Josh, new job responsibilities for me, and possibly our biggest life change – buying a house and moving to Alabama. Oh…and I’ve been finishing my Master’s degree with graduation THIS SATURDAY!!!

Here are a few snapshots of the fun we’ve had over the past year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I always tend to find my way back to the space when we are in the middle of big changes.  With a big chapter closing behind us…and a new one just beginning, I expect to find myself writing here a lot more.  Be sure to check back!