>We’re Here!

>Josh and I had an amazing time at the wedding and can’t believe it flew by so fast! We had a spectacular time in St. Lucia on our honeymoon. Talk about a tropical island…it was absolutely gorgeous! Three days after returning from the island we packed up and headed to Dallas, our new home. It took us about a week to unpack and get settled. We definitely still have a few things to finish, like putting up pictures on our bare walls and staining our new dresser, but things are starting to look like home. We’ve had dinner at home most nights, which has been nice. I am looking forward to exploring the city more and finding some great places to eat. Thankfully, we have a few friends here and we have been out to eat with them.

Josh started school yesterday and I have officially started my job hunt. I have an interview on Thursday, so keep your fingers crossed! I also have a great volunteer opportunity with the Dallas Contemporary, which will hopefully get me a foot in the door to something else in the future! We also attended Highland Park United Methodist on Sunday and really liked it. I think they have a total of 3 different types of worship services going on at the same time, which is really cool! The church is huge and reminds me a lot of Brentwood UMC. I’m looking forward to trying out the contemporary service and looking into some different volunteer opportunities and bible studies there as well. Josh and I are still so excited about our new life together and all the wonderful things that we know are in store for us. God has put us on an awesome journey together and we are both looking forward to the road ahead.

Well, off to research some more job opportunities! I’ll continue to post with news of our life here in Dallas


One thought on “>We’re Here!

  1. >WHAHOO! I love the Vincents and the start of your new blog! 🙂 Cute choices already… I can’t wait to see pictures of your first home together and hopefully to visit you there someday, too!! 🙂 I am so happy for you both and know there will be fabulous adventures detailed here, and on the phone 😉 Hope the interview went well! LOVE YOU!~ Hawlsx

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