>More About Our Move

>I thought I would post a few pictures from the move. We only have a few of the drive…it was pretty flat and there really wasn’t all that much to see. We DID stop at the Texas border and take a few pictures to document our arrival in our new home state! After getting back in the car and driving a little further, a huge rainstorm popped up and as I turned around to look out the back window I saw a huge rainbow…such a wonderful sign of God!

So here are the photos of our journey to Dallas:

Joshua driving, keeping us safe the whole way there. He was such a trooper, driving us the entire way with my car pulled behind the Tahoe.

So here I am….in the long car ride to the big D! I had to wear my glasses so I could be somewhat
helpful on the drive.

We’re in Texas! I thought it would be fun to climb on the huge metal Texas sculpture that was at the welcome center. We didn’t realize at the time that the state was backwards! Oops!

Another one in front of the Texas sculpture. This time it’s the right direction!

I’ll post some pictures of our new apartment soon. We have a few more boxes to get rid of before I take pictures though. It’s starting to look like home!


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