>Weekend Fun

>Josh and I didn’t do too much this weekend, but we did have fun going to a few law outings. On Friday we went to Barley House, a bar about 3 minutes from us, for “Bar Review.” We mingled with all of the other law students and Josh introduced me to several of his classmates. I had a good time talking with them and getting to know everyone. The bar was fun. It had a huge patio out front, which is where we spent most of the evening. We learned later that Barley House is a big undergraduate hang out, which was very apparent later in the evening. We also learned that bars close at 2 here and on Saturday night they close at midnight because they are no longer allowed to serve alcohol (since it is technically Sunday).

On Saturday we went to another law party held at the home of one of the law students. The house was great and the backyard was absolutely gorgeous. Some girls that came in behind us commented on how perfect the space would be for a wedding/reception and I couldn’t have agreed more. The party had a dj and two bars on either side of the pool, as well as some appetizers. They had margarita machines which was pretty great..it reminded me of our rehearsal dinner! Overall, it was a nice event allowing for more mingling.

I spent Sunday afternoon watching the end of the Olympics and staining our new dresser that we purchased from an unfinished furniture store in Plano. It’s turning out great! We picked a “Rosewood” stain, which looks like a cherry stain. I’m excited to see the finish product. I have one more drawer and then the actual dresser to stain. Then I have to put on a topcoat and that’s it! I’ll post pictures with the final product.

Married life has been great and I’ve really enjoyed making this place our home. I really love cooking dinner..and on the weekends breakfast. I made banana pancakes on Saturday (thank you Jack Johnson) and there were amazingly delicious! Joshua said they were his favorite meal that I had made!

Well, that is all for now. I’m still looking for a job and have started looking over the non-profit site for job postings. I have found a few interesting things so we shall see!


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