>Labor Day Weekend

>Joshua and I had a great weekend. Van, Josh’s dad came in town, so we got to hang out with him a bunch. Friday afternoon, while Joshua was in class, Van and I went to lunch with a couple he knows from Nashville. Catherine is from Dallas and her parents came to lunch with us as well. We went to this GREAT Italian restaurant called Campisi’s. Their pizza was absolutely amazing! They invited us to go out to dinner with them and some of their friends on Saturday (I’ll get to Saturday in a little bit).

Friday night we went over to Fort Worth with Van, Fred (Van and Jannelle’s neighbor), and a friend of Fred’s who lives in the DFW area. We went to a pizza place…yes, I had pizza twice in one day…but it was really good too! Fort Worth has a much more relaxed night life than Dallas. Most girls there were wearing jeans, which is not common in Dallas. Girls in Dallas usually wear dresses out. Downtown Forth Worth was just really cool. They had lights in the trees and we felt really safe walking around. Granted, I was with all men…so how could I not feel safe, right?

Saturday afternoon Kylie Jo invited me to go watch the season opener for our beloved Bulldogs with some other Georgia alumn. So, while Joshua studied at the library, I drove out to Plano to cheer on the Dawgs. It was great to be around familiar faces and just relax and have a good time. There was also some wonderful tailgating food, can’t pass that up! After the game I came home and relaxed and then that night we went to dinner with the group of Catherine’s friends. It was great getting to meet other women in Dallas in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We must have sat at Primo’s (a great tex-mex place) for at least 4 hours. I acquired the name of a Salon, so I can get my hair cut (a definite need right now) and I got a few numbers too!

Sunday was really relaxed. We went over to Fred’s friend’s house (yes…two possessives in a row, sorry!) and played in his pool and grilled out. It so nice to relax all weekend! I had an interview on Monday..but that didn’t lead anywhere because it was a sales job and I’m just not interested in cold calling people. I DO have an interview with the Dallas Museum of Art on Friday though!! I am really excited about that. They are hiring temporary staff for the King Tut Exhibit that will be here from October to June. That’s a LONG temporary position and if I get the position, it will enable me to learn the city a little better and continue to make contacts for jobs after that.

Ok..I’ll stop now. I realize I just wrote a ton! We are going to eat at a judge’s house tonight with the Christian organization from the law school. I’m sure I’ll have something fun to share from that!


One thought on “>Labor Day Weekend

  1. >Milli! That all sounds so awesome 😉 I liked reading your comparison of girls going out in Dallas vs. Fort Worth… I hadn’t thought of that! I can’t wait to hear about dinner with the Christian judge 🙂 That will surely be interesting (I wonder if he or she is a member of American Inns of Court?! 🙂 … AIC has a national conference in Fort Worth this year. They made a point about it NOT BEING DALLAS. hahaha… Anywho, sounds like you are loving life and having plenty of adventures! I am so happy for you, darling. Good luck with the Museum interview! Wow, King Tut?! Sounds amazing. I would love to visit you and see that exhibit too! 🙂 LOVE YOU and big hugs! see you soon!

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