>Busy, Busy, Busy

>This week has been anything but boring. After getting back from D.C. on Monday, I started my job! I am working at Town North YMCA in Membership. My first day was Wednesday and it was absolutely fantastic. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. In addition, it feels great to be working for a company I believe in and grew up around.

For the first month I will be working at the front desk, mastering their computer system. I’ve been meeting all of our members and getting to know the staff really well. The other great thing about working at the YMCA is a free gym membership. One of the other girls in the membership department also really likes to run and think she’ll be a great person to hold me accountable in my workout routine.

Speaking of running…the law school put on a 5K on Saturday. It was my first race since my hip injury in college. I was a little nervous and didn’t think I would do all that great. Joshua, of course, had tremendous faith in me and said I would run it in 24 minutes. I laughed that off because I really was thinking more like 27-28 minutes. Well, he was right! I ran it in 24 flat! I was also the 2nd female to finish (23rd overall)!! It was so great to get back out there and race. I’m looking forward to more races in the future.

It seems Josh and I have been on the go all week, which has actually been really fun. It is so great to be employed and have something to do during the day. I think we are going to start having some guests from home in October! Some of Joshua’s friends are going to come down for the SMU vs. Memphis game and Aaron is coming down for a Cowboys game. So we’ll stay busy! I’ll post again later in the week!


One thought on “>Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. >Milli! YOU ARE SO AMAZING. I am so proud of you and your running… and that you ran it in 24 flat! That’s rocking. Keep it up, girl – you inspire me (as you know) :)I’m so glad you’re loving work and loving Dallas! I want to see more pictures of Dallas and your life over there 😉 And by the way, sorry you didn’t get to see monuments and traditional awesome DC stuff – but that just means you’ll have to come back 😉 hehe!! LOVE YOU!

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