>So the great perk of working at the YMCA is free exercise classes! I went to a class on Monday titled “Muscleflex” (hence the name of this post). I took the class with three of my coworkers, which was really fun…but MAN did that class kick my butt. We used the bosu ball, which is the 1/2 ball used to help with balance and strengthening. I am here to testify, that was probably one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in a very long time. My entire body still hurts, especially my upper body (such a weakling). Anyways, I’m really excited about all of the class possibilities. They have cycling too!

Weakling no more! The Y will make me strong. Also, they are sponsoring a 5K in November called the Turkey Trot. I’m excited about another chance to run a race.

That is all for today! The weekend is almost here!!


2 thoughts on “>Muscleflex

  1. >Milli!! That is so awesome šŸ˜‰ Way to work it, sista! You make me want to do that too… I keep wanting to sign up for something, somewhere… but I don’t want to go alone! šŸ˜¦ And with the abundance of money we have right now (utter sarcasm)… It’s hard to fork over like $20/class! Yikes. So – way to go, girlfriend.Use those benefits!! šŸ™‚ hehe love you girl – xoxox

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