>Playing Catch up!

>So, it has been quite a long while since I’ve posted and so much has been going on! We had a fun filled weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon at the dog park with Nicole, swooning over other dogs and having fun playing with all of them. We REALLY want a dog and it was nice to be around so many different breeds all at once. Now we just have to agree on which breed we want..and move. Our apartment doesn’t allow bigger breeds, which is what we want.

Aaron was in town this weekend for the Cowboys game so we met up with him for dinner on Saturday before we headed out to a Halloween party hosted by the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL). The party was fun…I love dressing up for Halloween and there were tons of great costumes at the party. Josh was a boxing announcer (think: “Let’s get ready to rumble”) and I was a disco girl (see picture below).

Sunday we went to the COWBOYS game with Aaron!! It was a lot of fun and they won! I will have pictures up from that soon. I just have to get the camera stuff downloaded. It’s the Cowboys’ last season in Texas Stadium so I’m glad we were able to experience a game in one of the oldest stadiums still being played in before they move.

Here are the pictures from the game…posted almost 2 months later:

This is Texas Stadium.

Inside Texas Stadium, I love the light coming through!

Joshua and me at the game.

annd…The Cowboy’s entrance.

The job is still going great. Last week was our family fun night…Halloween themed of course. All the kids were adorable! The membership staff dressed up as witches, so I got to wear a witch hat all day. Dressing up at work is always fun. I am finally working at my desk, rather than out front and I’m working through all of my accounting reports. It’s so nice to have more responsibility and to have people come to me with questions.

Well, that’s it more now! I still need to download the camera software so I can post some pictures! Have a Terrific Halloween!


One thought on “>Playing Catch up!

  1. >YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS! I’m so excited to see that you’re posting more again πŸ˜‰ I missed your cute summaries of the latest… Love that girl in that photo there, the pretty disco girl πŸ˜‰ I was sad we missed Halloween this year, but it was lovely to be married for it anyway! Love you lots and can’t wait to see more photos πŸ™‚ xoxo

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