>Weekend Fun

>Joshua and I had a pretty great weekend. We went out Friday night with some friends to celebrate our friend Greg’s birthday. Greg and Kristi are also married and Greg is in class with Joshua. They are from California and we have a really good time with them when we hang out. Nicole and Richard, other law school friends, also went out with us and we ended up splitting into a girl group and a guy group while we were waiting on dinner. Conversation was great and dinner was FANTASTIC! We went to Cuba Libre, which you can check out here! It’s always nice to have good food and great company. We then went to Victor Tangos, a new bar in our area. It was pretty cool…a little pretentious, but overall it had a nice atmosphere.

Saturday morning was spent sleeping in. Then we went Boulevarding…aka tailgating SMU style. This is pretty much the best situation for people watching. Mainly because it’s fun to watch all of the undergrads parade around and wonder if I acted anything like them/hoping I acted NOTHING like them. SMU actually played Memphis on Saturday, but we opted for shopping and relaxing at home over the game. Then Saturday night we went over to Richard’s for movie night…always fun. We watched the Godfather. Well, they watched…I fell asleep, per the usual.

Sunday was a great day. We started off with waffles, which…if you know me at all..you know that any day that starts with waffles is bound to be a spectacular day. Though we didn’t go to church as we had planned, we did get up and go for an amazing walk around White Rock Lake. If you go here you can learn more about the lake. It was a gorgeous morning and the walking path goes right along the edge of the lake…absolutely perfect. I think I’ll have to go out there and run on the weekend now. We are looking into purchasing a bike for me so that I can go ride with Joshua out there!

Well, that’s about it for our fun-filled weekend! Sunday afternoon was spent doing laundry while Joshua studied. It’s starting to kind of feel like fall here and some of the leaves are changing a little bit but I really miss the weather back home and all of the beautiful trees. Thankfully I got a little dose of that when I was in Michigan last weekend.


One thought on “>Weekend Fun

  1. >Awesome, Milli! Haha you cracked me up with: “wonder if I acted anything like them/hoping I acted NOTHING like them” 😉 You are too much. So glad to hear you’re getting more settled and enjoying the on coming fall… We were in New Haven, CT last week and it was REALLY fall there! Man oh man, the trees were stunning. Anyways, we need to catch up! And didn’t one of your blog posts mention photos you took in DC from our wedding?! 🙂 I’d love to see!! xoxox love you!!

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