>Season of Celebration

>So it has been a while since I’ve posted. Joshua and I have been staying very busy. We have celebrated his birthday, had Thanksgiving in Dallas, and now we are getting ready for Christmas!

This year for Joshua’s birthday we got a group of friends together to go to Medieval Times. This was most definitely Joshua’s idea and thankfully they had a buy one get one free deal going on…those tickets aren’t cheap! We had a good group of 8 and it was a fun evening! We were in the Red and Yellow knight’s section and we wore our crowns proudly…and cheered very loudly. Below are a few pictures to document the evening.

All of the knights before the competition

Not sure why Joshua has such a goofy face…

Outside of the castle after the competition!

This year we sent Thanksgiving in Dallas and Joshua’s parents came down to be with us! I was able to cook my first Thanksgiving meal (minus the turkey) and everything turned out GREAT! Here is a list of our menu:

1) Honey Baked Ham: Joshua’s choice
2) Barbequed Green Beans: Steaban tradition
3) Sweet Potato Casserole (with pecans on top)
4) Deviled Eggs: Vincent tradition
5) Corn: needed another veggie
6) Rolls: gotta have some carbs!
7) Pumpkin Pie: Thanksgiving must have!

Picture of the table (minus some of the food due to lack of table space)

I also got to use our china for the first time!
And finally: Joshua and I with our first married Thanksgiving Dinner!

Friday morning Jannelle and I went shopping. I got a few great pieces for work and the mall was relatively calm! I think we got there as the early birds were leaving and before the afternoon crowd came. Then we all went out to the shooting range and the guys shot the shot gun and then we went and shot pistols. Friday evening we went to dinner at Cuba Libre, one of our favorite places to eat and then we traveled to Fort Worth to go to Billy Bobs, a huge country bar. Jannelle and Van got out on the dance floor while Joshua and I watched…we had no clue how to line dance!

I’ll update with more fun Christmas festivities later!


One thought on “>Season of Celebration

  1. >Wow, Milli!! Hahaha sure does sound like a blast 🙂 So happy for you guys – and I love that Josh chose Medieval Times.. hahaha For Matt’s birthday, I surprised him and so one of our friends joking “let it slip” that we were going there (as if it were true!) and Matt had no idea what he was talking about. So, we now have it on our to-do list to go! 🙂 I’d love to hear more about it, darling. Oh and by the way? Yall sound REALLY southern in this post 😉 hehehe… I miss you!!! So glad you are so happy in tey-has! xoxox

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