>Art Auction

>This weekend the Dallas Contemporary held their annual Wish Auction. The pieces in the auction were donated by artists throughout Texas. The event was so much fun! I worked the check-in and check-out and I loved seeing all of the great outfits. They always pick a color for the theme and this year it was green! I was able to wear my beautiful dress from Hawley’s wedding along with the great gold shoes! Who ever said you can never wear a bridesmaids’ dress again? I have to give Hawley props for picking such a stylish dress. All of the money raised went towards the gallery’s operations.

Just to give a little background: The Dallas Contemporary is a non-profit, non-collecting gallery that shows emerging Texas artists, as well as some national artists. They also do this great program called ArtThink. It is a program that teaches high school kids how to think and approach contemporary art. It helps them relate to the subject matter and take their personal experiences in to consideration when interpretting art. I’ve recently been asked to to participate in this program and I am SO excited! I am going to be TEACHING art!! I will only be doing this once, maybe twice, a week but it’s still a great start. I’ll post back abou this later!


One thought on “>Art Auction

  1. >WOW! Ohhh Milli that sounds so fantastic πŸ˜‰ I’m SO elated that you got to wear the dress again! I am sure you were just as beautiful the 2nd time you wore it, too… One of my few wishes from the wedding is that I had gotten MYSELF one πŸ˜‰ haha! I would love to hear more about the Dallas Contemporary. It sounds INCREDIBLE! And what a great honor to teach art there. You will be fantastic πŸ™‚ PHONE DATE. Asap, please…xoxoxoxHawley

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