>Week of my birth!

>This coming week has a lot of exciting things going on…including my birthday! Though birthdays aren’t quite what they used to be (meaning..no big sleepover party)…I still get so excited for birthdays. I love celebrating others’ birthdays, and I love celebrating mine as well. It is that one day a year that can be totally focused on that individual…which I think is so special and wonderful. Joshua and I don’t have anything exciting planned, as we’re leaving the next day for ATLANTA!! We’ll be heading out for Beth and Ramsey’s wedding! I can’t wait to celebrate with them and see all my beloved friends. Since that is going to be our big cost for the week, we’re going to do a small dinner, just the 2 of us.

Joshua, Ashley, and I went over to see Kristi and Greg yesterday and did a mini birthday celebration for Kristi. Greg is in school with Joshua and Ashley, and we’ve all become pretty good friends. It’s always nice to have another married couple around! Kristi’s birthday is today, and she is on bed rest due to her pregnancy…sooo, we took her some Yogilicious (mmm, so good) and balloons. It was great to see both of them and be able to spend some time catching up with Kristi. Joshua and I plan on taking them dinner in the near future, just to help out while Kristi is out of commission.

I also got my haircut yesterday! It’s pretty short..above the shoulders. I really like it though, it is the perfect summer cut. I’ll have to post a picture later!

As promised…here is a picture of my new hair style. It has grown out a little since the original cut…but still pretty much the same!


One thought on “>Week of my birth!

  1. >Yay! Happy (Belated) Birthday, Milli! I'm sorry you weren't able to do more for your birthday, but going to Beth and Ramsey's wedding was surely gift enough 🙂 I can't wait to see your new haircut… and I met two girls from Texas last night at an Alumnae function for my high school (they work there). One was from Dallas! Anyways, miss you lots and love you tons. xoxo

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