>Summer is Here!

>Summer has officially started and boy can you tell here in Dallas! Most days are in the high 90’s…if not 100 degrees. The good thing is, I’m not really out in the heat much…since I have an indoor job, BUT it doesn’t really cool off at night either. It just stays HOT. Last night the sun set around 9 and it was still around 93 degrees. This is pure craziness for June! Summer activities are also in full swing. The YMCA is busier than ever, with summer camp on site, 2 camps off site, swim lessons all day long, families coming to the pool, and our normal crowd is here too. I’m working my usual hours at the YMCA, but I’m teaching Art Think Jr. for the little ones at 2 day camps. Art Think Jr. is basically the same thing as the Art Think I taught during the school year..except it is geared towards elementary students instead of high schoolers. I must admit, I love those little kids!! They have such fun, interesting answers to the images and they don’t complain like the high schoolers do. In addition to showing slides, we also do a little art project at the end…which I find super fun. Hands down, love the little kids!

Josh on the other hand…is not loving the little kids. He is working with summer camp at the Y this summer. And though he is getting VERY tan, he isn’t enjoying the fact that they aren’t allowed to really discipline the kids.

We’ve had a few fun weekends, with Beth’s Wedding, a Motorcycle Race Watch Party, a Frisco Rough Riders game (they are a minor league team that feeds into the Dallas Rangers MLB team), and in a couple of weeks we will be joining my family at Table Rock Lake in Missouri for a much needed week vacation! We’ll be picking Olivia up from Kamp Kanakuk and then spending time at Big Cedar Lodge, one of the most relaxing places on earth. I can’t wait to relax with the family..and SEE them! I haven’t seen my dad or sister since OCTOBER!!

Here are some pictures from Beth’s wedding and the Rough Riders game. Unfortunately, my camera died at Beth’s wedding, so my pictures are limited.

Beth’s Wedding
Though a little blurry, this is a picture of all my dear college friends! Left to right: Jackie, Sarah, Beth (the beautiful bride), me, Shay, Emily

Two of my college roomates, and bridesmaids in my wedding
Me, Jackie, and Sarah

Sarah, Emily and me

The wedding party, post wedding pics.

Rough Riders Game
Self photo before the game began.

Picture of the field from our awesome seats!

Deuce, the team mascot…not quite sure what animal he is.
The other mascot is Daisy, the female..she was cute too!

Joshua and his helmet of Dip ‘N Dots, a baseball tradition.

One thing we both definitely enjoy about baseball games is the food! Nothing can beat a hot dog, coke and some Dip ‘N Dots…or funnel cake in my case!

2 thoughts on “>Summer is Here!

  1. >Wow, Mill!!! Sounds freakin' HOT. hahaha reminds me of that time we went running when it was like practically illegal to be outside it was so hot, and had to stop at the Waffle House to get water. HA! So funny, seeing everyone turn around to us dripping sweat everywhere and then asking for free water… Anyways, I miss you girl! Glad you're enjoying ATjr so much! Sounds PRECIOUS. I love you, and send you big big hugs! 🙂 Looking forward to those pictures.

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