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>Thanks to mom and dad (in law), I have new running shoes! As in every good sized city, Dallas has a great running store called Luke’s Locker. The great thing about this shop, other than it’s HUGE selection of running gear, is their personal service for fitting you into the right running shoe. Now, I have been a Nike girl for pretty much my entire running life. I love Nikes and they have always fit my foot really well. However, this time I actually walked out with something different. The nice gentleman watched me walk and came to the conclusion that I run on the outside of my feet…who knew?!?! So he brought me three different shoes to try on and then I got to pick the one that fit my foot the best and…it was not the Nike. I ended up with a really cool pair of Saucony’s They are purple and super comfy.

My new shoes!
There is also this great site the help map runs. You can become a user for free, or you can just use the application as needed. If you become a member, you can keep track of routes, and log all of your runs, which is really handy if you are training for a race. Right now, I am just trying to get back in shape…and get used to running in the Texas heat again. Maybe I’ll think about training for the Nashville 1/2 though. And maybe THIS TIME..I won’t injure myself a week before the race.
Here’s to setting goals and pushing myself to achieve them injury free.


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