>Relaxing, fun weekend

>Joshua had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Friday night was spent at home. Joshua got home late because he had gone out the Rust Restorations in Mansfield, where he gets the Ducati worked on. We ordered a pizza from I Fratelli, probably the best pizza place in town and watched random tv, and then put in a John Wayne western. Now, putting in a western puts me right to sleep so I didn’t really watch any of the western. Saturday morning we woke up early (meaning 8:30ish…which is early for us on a Saturday), did some cleaning around the house, ran to Einstein’s bagle for a good bagel and coffee out on ther patio, came home and watched New in Town, which stars Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. Now, it was a major chick flick…and IMDb gave it a pretty poor ranking, but Joshua even liked it and I found the plot line to be pretty entertaining. Just about the time we were about to start movie number 2 (as we had dedicated Saturday to movie day), Josh got a call from Matt, my co-worker Stacie’s husband. The invited us out to their place to go out on their boat, as we had planned this adventure for the weekend before, but were unable to go due to some illness on their end. So Joshua and I accepted the offer and went out on the boat with them Saturday evening. Man, it was the PERFECT day to be out on the lake and the water was absolutely beautiful! Nothing like good weather and good company!

Today, Sunday, we tried out a new church. We went to the 11 am service at Lovers Lane United Methodist. The service was great and the people were so friendly and welcoming. We definitely felt more at home there than at the church we had previously attended. I’m hoping to get involved in a Bible Study there. Next week we’re going to try out heir contemporary service, which I am really looking forward to.

So, all in all, its been a good weekend! I’m definitely not ready for the week to begin again. I love my weekends with Joshua and hate having to go back to the real world…aka work.


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