>Bailey’s Wedding

>It has been about a month since Bailey and Kevin tied the knot and their photographer’s pictures are up! After looking through all of them…and seeing what a wonderful day it was, I was reminded that I hadn’t written about it yet!

Joshua and I traveled to Georgia for the most spectacular wedding in September. Bailey and Kevin are a beautiful couple and I think that really shined through during their wedding weekened. They love each other unconditionally, the way all couples should, and you can tell how happy they are to be together.

I was blessed to be part of such a wonderful day and I loved spending the time primping with Bailey. It’s hard being so far away and not being able to be as involved as I wanted to be. That time together was so greatd. There really is nothing like being a girl and being able to take ALL day to get ready! hehe. Bailey, not surprisingly, looked absolutely breath-taking. Her dress was just perfect for her. There was this moment right after she walked down the aisle that you could see how astounded Kevin was by her beauty and grace. He was grinning ear to ear. That’s what the dress is all about..the shock factor.
Ok..so I borrowed a few pictures from the photographers site to give a little taste of her wedding. The photographer did an AWESOME job of capturing everything in the wedding and the quality of his pictures is great! His name is Steve Barnhart and here is some of his work:

Just a few snapshots of the night. The first one is of all the girls before the wedding. Bailey is holding one of the shoes she had us sign. The second picture is one of my favorites. It is all of the wedding party with the trolley. The guys are on the inside looking out at us while we pose. The last shot is of Bailey and Kevin serving each other cake. Always fun!


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