>I had a very full week of Halloween. We had our big Halloween carnival at work on Wednesday…which was a HUGE success. We have about 300 kids come..and this doesn’t include their parents! PinkBerry was there serving samples of their frozen yogurt, which was a huge hit! We had pizza, the bounce house, a cupcake walk, and tons of other fun games. Our little dancers put on a performance to Thriller…and of course the YMCA by the Village People. What a fun event! All of the staff dressed up too. We had a male Minnie Mouse, Grapes, Marine Barbie, a Fortune from a fortune cookie…and I was a bag of Jelly Beans!

Jelly Bellys (me) and male Minnie (Jeff)

Friday night Joshua and I went to our friend Ashley’s Pirate themed mystery party, which was a lot of fun. Ashley is GREAT at planning parties and is a wonderful host. She made these really cool boxes for our invitations and delivered them in person. I was the part of “Mad Rose,” the beer wench at the Salty Sea Dog and Joshua was Commodore Clearing. Our costumes were really fun and it was fun to act the part of a pirate…pirate accent and all!

Joshua and I dressed up. The picture below gives a better idea of our full costumes!
Saturday was spent at Ikea, looking for some shelving for our office. We then went party hopping…as Johnny Cash and a Cowgirl! We went out to Rowlett, about 30 minutes from Dallas for Stacie and Matt’s party and then came back to Dallas, picked up Chris (Josh’s friend from Memphis who is in town working for a couple months) and went to Richard’s for an SMU party..which was also a good time.

Phew…Halloween is over..and I can say we are Halloweened out!


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