>Stanley, the neighbor

>Neighbor CAT that is. Joshua and I moved into our quaint duplex about 6 months ago and we immediately noticed that our neighbor has 2 indoor/outdoor cats: Stanley and Alex. They both came over to meet us pretty quickly and one night, during a horrible storm, they were both crying at the door. So, while watching Coraline, we let them come in and explore. Alex was a little skittish, but Stanley was very friendly. Stanley has continued visits..and from time to time will even curl up with us at night and sleep over! So, without having a pet of our own..we get the perks! Stanley is a very very loving cat and she (yes, she) is SUPER talkative. She meows up a storm..and will meow back when you talk to her. It’s a riot. The other night Stanley and I were cuddling when waiting on Joshua to get home and I captured a really cute picture of her.

While I’m at it…I took some new pictures of our bedroom. As I clean up the house a make a few changes here and there, I’ll be sure to post pictures of other portions of the house.

Some details of the room, including my bedside table, and my dresser with the candle holder I got during the Walton’s Dirty Santa exchange:

More house updates to come. The pretty ivy that used to cover part of our kitchen window became a little too unruly and was crawling through the window…so that has all been torn down. I’m sure I’ll regret tearing ALL of it out because it was so pretty. But I’m glad it’s no longer creeping in to our kitchen!

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