>Weekly Wrap-Up

>Joshua and I have been busy bees this week. It seems like we’ve only had time to see each other for maybe 20-30 minutes before heading to bed every night. Joshua has class late Monday-Wednesday, so I’ve found activities to occupy my time. I have Bible study on Monday…which is part of our normal schedule. Tuesday night was consumed with a phone party for our Partner’s Campaign at work. Since we are a non-profit…and part of our mission is to provide “membership for all,” we have an annual campaign to raise money to provide scholarships to families in the community that cannot afford the full cost of membership or programs at the YMCA. While Joshua was contemplating his future in law last fall (and had briefly decided to part ways with law) I had recruited him to help raise money during our annual campaign. Well, he decided to stay in school and has class until 9:30ish Monday-Wednesday, so I’ve been put in charge of raising his portion, on top of my own. So this year, I was responsible for raising $1200! So Wednesday night was also consumed with a calling party, and then the weekly watching of the Bachelor at Ashley’s.

Thursday was much better, as Joshua only has one class in the morning and I get off work between 5 and 6. Since we seem to never have time together during the week I do what I can to at least be in the same space as him..even if he is doing school work. So Thursday night I went to the library to hang out while he worked on a paper that he is working on with one of his professors. We then grabbed a quick dinner and then went to the 2010 Dedman School of Law Follies. It was so good to see some of his law school cohorts that I haven’t seen in a while..plus we got in a good laugh. The follies were shown at the Magnolia theatre, which is this cool movie theatre in West Village. The preview of the show is below. The film was great and there was a great deal of time dedicated to it. Hopefully the whole film will be up soon!

This weekend Joshua and I are looking forward to relaxing, maybe grilling out and on Saturday night we’ll be going to a benefit dinner with Ashley and Jayson! I’ll post about that later.

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