>New Bedding

>Joshua and I have decided that we would love a new bedding set.  Granted…this is not going to happen because bedding is just too expensive.  But with some day dreaming, I’ve found some that I absolutely love.  I’ve put some images below…everyone is allowed to day dream right?  I think the next time we go for bedding, I would like something darker…more romantic.  Right now our bedroom is light in color…which feels really bright and fresh…but i think I would like some darker colors:

From Bed Bath and Beyond

The next one I like is from Macy’s, whose website wouldn’t let me copy the image…silly!  This one is from Bryan Keith Bedding.  

Oh to dreaming!

One thought on “>New Bedding

  1. >Pretty, Milli!! 🙂 Yeah, we needed new bedding when we moved into our second apartment in new haven and treated ourselves to the one we both really loved… We figured it was worth it if we kept it for years to come! It's: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/duncan-stripe-duvet-cover-sham/?pkey=cstriped-duvet-covers-shamsBummer, it's on sale now too!! hahaha Just our luck, but hey … We really like it 🙂 Plus, since we haven't really been able to do any other decorating in the bedroom as of yet, it makes a huge difference. I hope you guys can ask Santa for new bedding next year or something 🙂 Maybe head to Ikea for a cheap fix?! xoxox

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