>I am so thankful…and so blessed…to have an amazing God who loves me, and the rest of humanity enough to give his son as a sacrifice to save me from my sins.  Easter is a celebration of that love and a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.  I am so thankful to have been saved from my sins and have the gift of eternal life in heaven with the Lord.

Joshua and I attended LLUMC this morning for the Easter service.  The service was great and really celebrated Christ and his resurrection.  After church Joshua and I came home and I cooked up a wonderful Easter lunch.  We had some traditional staples: bbq baked beans, deviled eggs, and sweet potato casserole.  Instead of ham, we had steak..which Joshua grilled for us.  A picture of our delicious feast is below:
I even pulled out the china to eat on.  First time with the china at the new place.  We were out of town for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year…so haven’t gotten to use the beautiful dishes.  Good occasion to use them though!

Mom, Dad, and Olivia are headed in town tomorrow, so this weekend was spent cleaning and preparing for them to get here.  Last weekend I bought a new welcome mat because we still had our Christmas mat at the front door.  This weekend I bought a couple packs of flowers and got some pots replanted and placed on the front porch.

There are two of these pots on the front porch.  I love them!

I’m so excited about the week to come.  I think my parents..and Olivia..are really going to love Dallas and we’re going to have a blast!


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