>Family Visit

>My mom, dad, and sister are in town for the week and we’ve had so much fun so far.  Tuesday was spent at the Arboretum wandering the BEAUTIFUL grounds.  Their tulips are in full bloom right now..and the flowers themselves were about the length of my hand!!

One of the many tulip beds

Yesterday was spent shopping at North Park…literally all day.  We had a lot of fun and found some really good steals…One skirt at the Gap was only $7 and the other was $10!!  What a find.

Today we are headed to Fort Worth for the Art Festival and to explore in general.  We’ll probably head to the stockyards after we are done with the art festival.  It’s a little chilly this morning, so I’m hoping it will warm up on our drive over.  Maybe we’ll get to experience the cattle drive down exchange street!  yeehaw!

Ok..that’s all for now.  I’ll post more about the trip tomorrow.


One thought on “>Family Visit

  1. >How beautiful, Milli! Love the tulips. Makes me think of a great movie we watched recently called "The Botany of Desire" – part of it is focused on the allure of tulips! 🙂 So glad you ladies are having so much fun. Miss you! xoxo

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