>Last day of the visit


Yesterday was the last day my family was in town and we had a wonderful day!  We started out with breakfast at Bread Winners Cafe and it was absolutely delicious..as always!  Everyone got something a little different and it all looked absolutely fantastic.  I love their Cafe Mocha, it is so tasty and comes in a beautiful clear glass mug.

Then we headed down to the Dallas Farmers Market…which I will have to start patronizing on a more regular basis!  We bought a bunch of fruit and veggies for dinner/dessert at a really reasonable price!  I mean..we got like 4 or 5 yellow squash for $3!  I think that’s a pretty good deal.  We also got some fresh greens for salad that was amazing!  Joshua and I will have salad remaining for at least a week..and we’ll have to eat salad for every meal. 

After the Farmers Market we went to the Dallas Museum of Art.  I had wanted to go all week, so I was really glad that we were able to go on Friday!  They have a really cool exhibit up right now that relates 19th century photography and painting of the Normandy coast.  

It was really neat to see the images along side each other and learn about the history and impact the two mediums had on one another.  I took an AWESOME class about 18th and 19th century photography while at the University of Georgia and it included a couple of images that were on display.  It was really fun to be able to explain/discuss those with my family. We spent about 2-3 hours at the museum..I mean, it is 4 stories of art!  After the Museum we all needed a little pick me up so we headed over to Yumilicious (used to be Yogilicious), which is one of THE BEST frozen yogurt place in Dallas.  

No offense to all the others, of course, but it was one of the first during the fro-yo, do it yourself waive..so I’m still partial.  I always tend towards the fruit flavors.  they have FRESH raspberries, kiwi, and strawberries which are soo delicious mixed in with the plain yogurt flavor and a splash of Fruity Pebbles for a little bit of crunch!

Ok..so last night mom and I cooked a scrumptious dinner.  We used the fresh veggies from the farmers market and roasted them with olive oil and italian seasoning in the oven.  Dad grilled some marinated chicken from Central Market and they turned out SO tender.  It was awesome!  We also had a great salad, some fresh sliced tomatoes, and bow0tie pasta tossed with pesto.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Now the family is gone..and I am left to do a little cleaning (not much though) and catch up on the laundry.  Cheers to a fun, relaxing week with my parents and sister!


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