>Earth Day 2010

>So I subscribe to an email newsletter through Whole Living, which I once received via mail…but then decided I should save the cash. Anyways, there are some interesting articles here and there and this week was one entitled “10 Ways to Make Earth Day Mean Something.” Just another quick fyi, Whole Living is put out by the Martha Stewart brand..which I love. So there are 10 fantastic ideas to help love on the Earth and live a more sustainable life. I think it’s important for everyone to do their part to keep this Earth a nurturing, productive, beautiful place and Earth Day is just the day to embrace those ideas.

Among the 10 things were:

Join a community garden.
A really awesome idea about gardening together. Growing fruits and veggies while getting to know your neighbors, and creating a beautiful, useful space! You can find your local community garden through the American Community Gardening Association.

Plant a tree.

Thanks Olivia for the picture!

This is probably the most traditional Earth Day activity. BUT, did you know that a properly placed tree can reduce your cooling costs in the summer and improve the overall health, aesthetic, and value of your home?

Sit down to a family dinner.
In addition to good ole’ fashioned conversation, make your meal of organic, local, and seasonal produce. With nice weather spring and summer weather, take your meal outside and enjoy your food and some fresh air.

Do something outside.
Again..thanks to my awesome sister for the picture
Eat a meal outside, go on a walk..a hike..a run, sit and read a book. Just get outside and enjoy God’s creation. It will make you appreciate it more..and feed that desire to care for it more.

Start your own backyard garden.
This is something I’ve been aching to do…but feel limited by my lack of permanence. We rent..and I want to be able to take the fruits of my labor with me..not just the fruits of the plants! I know I know, the answer to that are pots…I now have no excuses.

So pick something fun this Earth Day and give back to nature!

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