>Fort Worth trip

>I never got to post about our trip to Fort Worth while my family was in town.  We went over early to go to the Art Festival downtown on Main Street, which had some really cool stuff.  Joshua founda guy who made all sorts of little people out of spark plugs.  He had figures for pretty much every profession and hobby…and of course Joshua loved that he had motorcycle riders.  Here’s an example of Dick Cooley’s work with his website below.


There were some AMAZING wind veins on display.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the artist but here is an example of the extremely intricate sculptures.

They had tons of moving parts and were just really fun to watch.  this is one of the largest ones on display but there were all just as intricate.

I also found an artist I absolutely love.  Dolan Geiman produces mixed media works and describes his work as “contemporary art with a southern accent.”  I love the antique quality and the diluted colors that are used.  You can find examples of his works online:  Dolan Geiman.  Here are few that I absolutely love.

Queen’s Garden Collection (Zinnia

Made in the Shade Guitar (Medium) Collection

After the art show we headed to down to the Stockyards to see the cattle drive that they do TWICE daily.  I was actually really excited because I thought it would be really cool to see the longhorns…but honestly, I was a little disappointed.  I was expecting at least 100 steer, but really..there were only about 20.  We did get some fun pictures though!

Stopped and got a beer at the Bull Ring.  Interesting fact, you can carry an open container within the Stockyards!

Railroad Crossing.  This was right where we sat for the cattle drive.

Dad and Mom waiting for the cattle drive.

Me and Joshua on Exchange Street

The cowboys and the cattle.

It was quite a fun day in For Worth!  Great way to spend the day with family…and the weather was absolutely perfect.


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