>Hometown Heroes

>My hometown of Nashville, TN recently experienced a horrible flood..and unfortunately, didn’t really receive much press due to other big headlines.  But Nashville is strong.  They have worked together to set up funds for flood victims and those who didn’t have damage went to help their neighbors who did.  The damage to the Middle Tennessee community is beyond fathomable.  Houses were literally swept away, landmarks were hit, and the roads will take lots of man hours to repair.  You can see a brief slideshow on the Tennessean website.

Tons of merchandise was created to raise money for relief, with 100% of the proceeds going to the cause. A group of local (Nashville) artists and designers got together and created t-shirts to show support.  Here are a few of my favorite:

Jars of Clay is selling 5 different versions of their song “Flood” all for a total of $1..all proceeds going to flood relief.  
Go to http://www.jarsofclay.com to download and donate.

And the most recent news, the country music community is joining forces to do a benefit concert in June called “Nashville Rising: A Benefit Concert for Flood Recovery.”  You can read more here.

There are also some really awesome posters through Lift Up Nashville.  Again, 100% of the proceeds goes directly back into the community.  So incredibly awesome that all of the artists are offering their products to benefit their community.  Here are a few of the posters:

I am proud of my city…and I’m proud to call myself a Nashvillian.  Though I’m far from home..I hold Nashville close to my heart and am doing as much as I can to support from afar.
If you would like to make a contribution on it’s own, you can donate through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.


One thought on “>Hometown Heroes

  1. >Wow, Babe! I had no idea about those efforts. I knew about the floods, but not the action towards relief. Well designed stuff – very cute! May the recovery be a fast one.

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