>Cat and Mouse

>As I’ve said before..I have a love for our neighbor cat Stanley, who comes to visit us a lot and just has tons of personality.  Well, yesterday I get home and Stanley is laying in the front yard under a tree…and I think she is just cooling off.  Well, after a closer look there is a small mouse right next to Stanley.  the mouse is still alive but moving slowly…obviously already injured.

What I found interesting was that Stanley wasn’t attacking the poor little mouse while it was so close.  She was literally playing cat and mouse.  She would let the mouse get just far enough away to think it was safe and she would POUNCE.  I watched her do this a few times with pure fascination.  I grew up with dogs, so this behavior is completely new to me.  When I told Joshua about what I had witnessed he said this was common behavior and cats are somewhat cruel when it comes to the hunt.  So..on that note, I capture a little video of Stanley hunting.

On a separate note, I absolutely love summer and the length of sunlight we get!  Last night we were going to get a late dinner…it was nearly 9 pm and it was still beautifully bright out.  On our way home we noticed this division in the sky, something neither Joshua or I had ever seen.  There was the big line dividing the darkening sky and the lighter part of the sky.  I tried to get a good picture of this phenomenon but the division isn’t quite as visible in the photograph.

Picture of sky before a little bit of editing, line in sky is somewhat visible right down the middle.

After a little bit of editing, you can see a more distinct division, like we actually saw last night!

We’re approaching the longest day of the year…so I’m thrilled that we’ll have a couple more days of continuing daylight.  So wonderful!


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