>My bags are packed…I’m ready to go!

>Ok…My bags are ALMOST packed but I am 100% ready, mentally, to hit the road and head to Colorado to meet up with 5 of my best friends!  We are all convening in Boulder, where ore friend Brittany lives, for a long weekend in honor of Sonya, our bride to be!

I haven’t gotten to spend time with/see some of these girls for 2 years…so this trip is well overdue!  Our final destination is Vail.  I am absolutely SO pumped about seeing these ladies.  They are dear to my heart and I’ve grown so much with them…and experienced so much in life with them: middle school, high school, stories from college, my wedding (and now Sonya’s!).  We’ve been there through thick and thin together and I’m so glad we are able to get together on this occasion to honor and celebrate one of us.

Picture of summer in Vail from vail.com

I am also really excited to be going to Colorado.  It’s a state I haven’t been to yet, and somewhere I’ve been wanting to visit.  Megan is flying in from Birmingham and driving with me.  We’ll be stopping in Amarillo tomorrow night and then finishing up our drive on Thursday.  I can’t wait to get into that cool mountain air, especially after the triple digit heat we’ve been experiencing in Texas.

Updates to come of out trip!


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