>Welcome to the Family little Vincent!

>We have a new member on the family..and we love her to death! Joshua and I have our very own little kitten! We got her last Friday and I’ve been waiting to post until I get a picture on my computer…and I uploaded them last night. She is about 10-12 weeks old, black with little white paws and a white soul patch on her chin and white chest. I LOVE her! So..without further adue, here is CoCo:

Her face is so so sweet..and I love that she has white whiskers!

CoCo loves to look out the window..except when you are taking a picture of her.
Then she loves to look at the camera..or tries to attack the camera.

CoCo is still very curious.
This is a quick snapshot of her exploring.

She loves to nibble and paw at you. Though usually pretty harmless..her bites and pawing can get a little rough. She has found her favorite sleeping spot to be ON my pillow…which really has got to go. But I feel so bad locking her out of our bedroom..she just sits and cries. All in all, we love CoCo very much and get a lot of entertainment watching her run and play. She has some pretty sweet jumping skills and gets rather high in the air!


One thought on “>Welcome to the Family little Vincent!

  1. >How adorable, Milli! Wow, for a second there, with that title, you made me think you were entering into the phase I'm about to leave 😉 Anyways, kittens are so cute. I wish I weren't allergic to them… she is SO adorable and I love her markings and like you said, those sweet white whiskers 🙂 Hope you can train her to stay off of your pillow – maybe she'll begin to like Joshua's sometime soon? haha jk… but seriously, how fun and delightful 🙂 Love you! And congrats to CoCo for being welcomed into such a sweet family!

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