>Weekend Cleansing

>It has been one heck of a weekend!  Saturday started off amazingly..with banana pancakes, some Zac Brown Band, and a nice long walk.  I spent the afternoon running errands, cleaning the house and doing some laundry.  I feel the need to clean more often these days with Mr. Pierre around.  I grew up allergic to cats…and I think keeping the house super clean (and thanks to our awesome wood floors) really helps keep the allergies to a minimum.  

Today was spent organizing the garage with Joshua.  We bought 2 new shelves to house parts and tools for his project bike.  We also bought a couple of organizational tubs.  We’ll definitely need to go back to get some more of those.  It was a workout just being in the garage and cleaning!!  We sweated a good bit, which was nice (yes..I like to sweat).  THEN…to wrap up our day Joshua’s alternator blew on our way back from a movie in Arlington.   Goodbye power steering, hello over-heated car!  We stopped for the engine to cool down and found that there was a belt missing!  Just when we thought things were wrapping up nicely for the weekend..we get another project.
We did find time to have a little fun this weekend too..it wasn’t ALL work!  Friday we went to see The Expendables and today we went to see The Other Guys.  Both were pretty good…very much guy movies and The Other Guys was pretty crass..but overall pretty good.
I potentially feel more exhausted at the end of the weekend than I did at the beginning…here’s hoping next weekend will be a little more peaceful.

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