>Power Yoga Venture

>This week I ventured into a Power Yoga class with one of my co-workers.  That’s one of the great things about working at the YMCA, you can be working one second, change your clothes really quickly and begin a great workout without even leaving the building!  It’s made building a workout routine into my day much easier!

Anyways, this power yoga thing is much harder than one would think.  I was expecting this slow, meditative yoga…and power yoga is totally different.  You move constantly, going from downward dog to cobra…and many other positions in between that I cannot even begin to pronounce.  My body still aches, in a good way though..and mainly in my arms and back.

My experience reminded me of time I spent with my friend Sonya, her sister, and her mom growing up.  I spent the summers with them and we would go with her mom to yoga class.  I remember them standing on their heads and doing other weird poses…and not understanding why one would want to do these things and be SO QUIET!!  But then again, I was 7 or 8 and just wanted to play.

My first experience was great and I definitely plan on continuing this journey.  It’s pretty great and totally different than my normal workout routine:  cardio! cardio! cardio! and a splash of weights here and there.


One thought on “>Power Yoga Venture

  1. >hahaa that's so awesome, Milli! Yeah, I envy your ability to have such a convenient (and free!) gym 😉 How fantastic. Even more fun that you can work out with co-workers. Way to try the new yoga! Glad it was so fun. Cute memory with Sonya and her mom, too. Miss you and wish we could train for something together again 🙂 xoxo HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND!!

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