>Not the condiment..but I definitely need to play a little catch up.  I haven’t had the chance to blog recently..mainly because I haven’t felt compelled to write.  Things are going great in Dallas..and fall is finally here.  Actually, I am sitting in my front yard as I type, enjoying the glorious weather.  The only thing that could make this any better would be a glass of lemonade and my husband next to me.  He’s in class..and we are out of lemonade.  Fall is definitely my favorite season, with the leaves changing and the cooling temperatures…not to mention the great clothes (aka sweaters) that I get to pull back out/purchase.

Ok, so to play a little catch up.  Almost a full month ago I got to go home to attend my good friend Sonya’s wedding.  I think everyone there can say that we witnessed a beautiful marriage of two amazing, wonderful people.  Zach and Sonya make a great couple and they love the Lord and you can see Him working in their lives..and I can’t wait to see where he takes them.  I also got to see my other 4 best friends from growing up and we all celebrated the greatness that now is The Reesers.  Here are a few quick glimpses into the wedding:
Me and Olivia

Me and Kallie at the reception

Zach and Sonya cutting the cake..isn’t her dress beautiful?

The cake

Kallie, Jacklyn, and Megan

Love the light and movement in this one..first dance.

Me and the bride.

Breaking it down on the dance floor.

Me and Olivia again.  I love my sister.

Final dance.

As you can see..the wedding was beautiful..as is the love between these two!

Joshua wasn’t able to make the trip back home for this one and I really missed him!  I love going to weddings and remembering my own wedding and how much fun it was…and reaffirming all the things that I know are good and true about marriage.
Joshua WAS able to go to little Stella’s 1st birthday party though!  Stella is the sweet little girl of our friends Greg and Kristi.  She is absolutely adorable and I’m so glad we were able to celebrate her birthday with them.  I haven’t had a chance to download those pictures from our camera…as it’s been at the shop (Ducati shop where Joshua works) a lot lately.  But here is a picture Greg sent me.
Us with the birthday girl.  Stella was obviously very interested in Joshua!
And for the month to come..there are many things I am looking forward to:
  1. The Texas State Fair and all the goodness that implies
  2. Fright Fest at Six Flags..more excited about the rides than the frights.  Excited none-the-less
  3. Pumpkin carving: looking for a great pumpkin patch experience!
  4. Picnic at Dallas Arboretum with Joshua, Ashley, and Jayson.  Can’t wait to use the basket Joshua got me for my birthday.  The weather has been perfect.
  5. Lindsay and Stefan’s wedding at the end of the month! 
Many things to do…little time to do them in.  Ready, Set, Go!

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