>Photography Learning

>I spent some time last weekend learning more about our camera and all the cool stuff it can do.  I learned how to change the ISO speed, how to select the correct white balance for the picture (whether I’m in the shade, the direct sun, indoor lighting, fluorescent lighting, etc).  I also learned how to change from color to black and white..and then also color tinting of the black and white.  I have a lot more to learn about the advanced operations, or creative zone) of our camera..but I’ve had a lot of fun learning so far.  Here are a couple pictures I took during my testing of the learned knowledge.  The compilation is pretty boring…but I thought the effects were pretty cool.

Plain b+w

b+w with blue tint

b+w with purple tint

b+w with green tint

b+w with sepia tint

Today I took some photographs of Pierre, our cat, in some of his favorite places and here are the results:

Pierre in the window

Same as above photograph, just different lighting choice.

He loves to stare out this window at the goings on of the world.

Love this one..and his balancing act between the window and blinds

He loves this rug..and things it’s his chew toy. 
Looks so sweet..but really about to pounce!

This was an accidental take..but I actually really love the movement.
I told you he was about to pounce!

I’ll continue to add my photography discoveries as the come.  I’m enjoying our camera a lot more now that I know a few tricks!


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