>Christmas List

>Yes..I still make lists of things I would love for Christmas.  I’ve put together a little list below:

1. iPhone4:  I resisted for a very long time.  I didn’t think I wanted to be that “connected”…but I’m finally seeing the bonus in them.  So..on my list it goes.

2.  Art easel:  found this one online at http://www.displays2go.com

3. Fire pit for the backyard.  I love spending time outside…but let’s be honest, it’s a little too cold in the winter.  UNLESS, we had a firepit to hang out around.  This plan also includes a need for 2×4 Jenga (if you haven’t seen this..it’s awesome!)
45 In. Ceramic Tile Firepit with Stainless Steel Bowl
4. These ruffle gloves, found at Dillard’s.  Love them and they are really warm.

5.  I would really love a rug for our main room.  I need something warm under my feet.
     I love this one from Target, but they don’t make it big enough.  It would look perfect in our
     house though!
Product Image
6.  Last but not least, I really would love Kinect, which goes with XBox 360.  Silly..but looks like so much fun…and gets you moving, rather than playing games and sitting stagnant.

Ok..that is all.  I am really looking forward to our trip home for Christmas.  It’ll be great..and hopefully somewhat relaxing.


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