>Tender Tennessee Christmas

>Joshua and I have been blessed to have an extended vacation this year.  We’re spending a full week back home in Tennessee and it has been absolutely glorious.  We received a light snow Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…making it a White Tennessee Christmas!  We’ve had the opportunity to make several drives through the country-side…something that has always been dear to our hearts.  Josh and I used to take long drives when we were dating..absorbing our surroundings and the nature just outside our windows. 

We went to Christmas Eve Service with Joshua’s parents at Brentwood UMC, and the service was beautiful.  This was the church I grew up in…but prior to this year, I have only been to their Christmas Eve Service once..and that was the year my sister was born.  So…this was only the second Christmas I’ve ever spent in Tennessee.  Christmas day was spent with Joshua’s extended family.  We had a delicious brunch at his parent’s house with the family and then went over to Grandmother and Grandfather’s for Christmas dinner.  I love hanging out with his family.  We all get along really well and have a good time hanging out and catching up.

We’ll be here through New Year’s but haven’t decided yet what we’ll doing.  Old Crow Medicine Show is playing at the Ryman…but obviously already sold out.  That’s what we get for dealying our decision making. 

Pierre has been getting along really well with the other cats of the house (Harley, Doodlebug, and Mickey).  They have had fun getting to know one another, chasing each other, and playing.  Pierre, I’m sure, has had fun with all the extra space..and STAIRS!  It’s been really fun to watch him interact.  We’re just afraid he’ll be depressed when we head back to Dallas with no friends for him to play with during the day.

Ok..off to relax some more.  I’ll post pictures when I get back to Dallas.


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