>The New Year thus far

>I have been busy busy busy since returning to Dallas after our wonderful holiday break in Tennessee. Work has been pretty busy, still feel like I am playing catch up…slowly feeling like I’m getting back to normal. January is a big month for the Y, with everyone looking for a gym to support their New Year’s resolutions of losing weight. But the Y is more than a gym. We are a non-profit working to strengthen the foundation of our community. So, every January we kick off our annual Partner’s Campaign. The money raised goes right back into supporting our community. So, in addition to the normal work day, we work extra hard to raise money for the families, children, and seniors we serve. No one is turned away from the Y due to financial constraints.

Like all of those individuals coming into the Y to start leading a healthier lifestyle, I have some resolutions of my own. I have a pretty good handle on the workout aspect of a healthy lifestyle…it’s more the dietary portion I struggle with. My goal is to cook at home more and to cook wholesome foods with more veggies. I have also committed myself to running the Nashville 1/2 marathon in April. I am currently running about 5 miles consistently so I’m well on my way.

I have two more things that I want to accomplish in 2011. I got an art easel for Christmas and I would like to be more creative and create one piece of art a month. I think that’s pretty do-able.

And lastly, I want to remain more positive. Like the saying goes, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” I am aiming to let the little things go and focus on all the things that make me happy (Joshua, friends, family, art, running, cooking, etc).

So here is to a wonderful year. What are your goals to making the most of 2011?



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