>Cleaning House

>I must admit, one of my favorite weekend activities is cleaning our house.  I love to light a few candles, turn the music up and clean.  To me, there is just something rejuvenating about cleaning the house.  When the weather is nice, I love to open the windows and let some fresh air in too.  Not sure how that’s going to work now that we have little Pierre…he would definitely try to escape.

There are a few other things I would like to add to my weekend list.  I got an awesome art easel for Christmas and I would love to get the creative juices flowing and start to use it.  I have prepped a canvas for my rooster painting that I have been planning..but just haven;t gotten the time to paint yet.  I also bought 4 small canvases this weekend to do a series..or one big piece split onto 4 canvases.

Joshua and I are also wanting to get a lot of exercise in on the weekends.  Today we went for a nice long walk.  I really enjoy this time outside because we talk about anything and everything and it’s just so nice to be with my best friend..picking each others brains, sharing our hopes and dreams and life goals.  We do a lot of decision making on those walks.

My final goal:  to not let the laundry sit on our small couch all week.  I want to get them folded and put away.  The only problem with this is that I do laundry all week long..so there is usually some laundry on the couch.  Maybe I should condense everything into one day..hmm, ideas.

So..all in all, I love house chores.  I know that seems crazy..but I love our space and I love that we keep it pretty inviting most of the time.  So here’s to taking joy in simple things.


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