>My good friend Hawley, who lives with her hubby and adorable daughter in New Haven, CT, shared a great iphone app with me today.  She had taken some really cool pictures and I simply inquired how she did it.  Well, the answer is: instagram.  One great thing about this app: it’s free!  But, it has some really cool filters that you can apply to the picture…and pretty quickly.  It doesn’t take long at all, which is also great.  AND..you can directly post to facebook if your heart so desires.  Here are some pictures I’ve taken today:

Last view of the ocean on our way out of town.
 (Nashville filter..hehe, love that!)
Sam Houston Statue in Hunstville, TX.
Took this from our moving car on the way back from Galveston.
(Hefe filter)
My new frames! Picked ’em up before our little vacation.
(Walden filter..I think)

So, as you can see..many different effects to be created…which is awesome.  Also, you can follow other intagramographers (I totally just made that word up..aaannd, I like it.)  If you want to follow me..please feel free to do so.  my username is mevincent.  I like the idea of being connected to friends and families via photographs.  Great idea iphone app world and thank you HAWLEY for sharing this with me.


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