>Spring Break: Galvaston

>Joshua and I went with some friends to Galvaston over spring break and had a GREAT time.  We did a whole lot of nothing..meaning laying by the pool, reading, and enjoying our time away from school and work.  I managed to take little to no pictures, but here are the ones I did capture (mainly of the house).

Drinks on the bar.  This was our outdoor kitchen, which was awesome.

Joshua getting to the grilling.  He’s really good at that.

Ryan hanging out by the bar.

Brandon and his AWESOME Spring Break shirt.

Joshua going down our water slide

Brandon has great form on the slide. 
Pool, slide, hot tub….all directly across from the water treatment plant.
They don’t tell you about that in the description.  Still really awesome.
Just one of the great signs from around the house.

House with the downstairs bar/kitchen area.
Heading upstairs to see the rest of the house..oh, I mean the rest of paradise.

Upper porch area. 
The great room.  There were A LOT of plants..it was kind of a jungle.

Can I take this kitchen home with me please?
Perfect layout and big enough for a few people to cook.
Like I said, I don’t really have any pictures of people..other than the first few.  

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