New Space

Welcome to my new space!  After some debate I decided to switch over to wordpress from blogspot.  I found that I like the layout a little more..and I have several friends who highly suggested this platform over blogspot. I am!

I am hoping this move will revitalize my I haven’t been very good as of late.  My desire is to share our (the Vincents…Josh and Milli) life, the adventures we take: whether big or just a trip to our favorite spots.  I want to share more about cooking: the recipes I try, whether they are a hit or utter failures.  I want a place to share photographs I take (most of the time just mediocre..but hopefully there are some quality pics from time to time).  Over all..I’ve found that life moves quickly…and I want a way to document where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going.  So…here is to the many adventures life has to offer and the desire to track them as we go!


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