So…like many women in the world, I love design.  I love home design…and I love dreaming about one day making my home as aesthetically appealing as all the marvelous pictures I come across on design blogs.  I love the diy’s and the before and afters you can find all over the web.

I wouldn’t say I have one specific style I like more than another.  Certainly, specific styles go with specific spaces.  My current home wouldn’t look quite right with a bunch of modern furniture.  Just the same, a downtown loft might not look exceptional with traditional furniture.  To me, it’s all about playing to what the space has to offer.

With all of that said, I love clipping and compiling design ideas.  I know Pinterest has been around for a while..but I recently downloaded the iphone version (which is my guilty pleasure when I have a spare moment or 2).  I liked that I had to be “invited” to join…I didn’t just go to the site and say “Create a New Account” I was actually invited.  There is just something nice about being asked to become part of something bigger, right?

Anyways, the idea is that you can create “Pinboards” of your favorite interiors, people, clothing, food, landscapes, crafts…pretty much anything that tickles your fancy..or find inspiration in.  I have set up my pinboards to align with the pages of my blog.  I figure I’ll be able to use both to help continue my inspiration.

So if you also pin to Pinterest, look me up.  My username is super easy: mvincent.  If you aren’t on Pinterest and want to track things that inspire you..this is a great way to do it.  Simply “request an invite” and a few days later you’re invite will appear in your inbox!

Happy pinning!


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