Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Joshua and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary this week! We’re pretty excited about what this next year has to bring for us…hopefully new jobs with our new life in Tennessee. I’ll skip the recap of the past 3 years, as I somewhat did that in my last post about our new fall adventure in Nashville. But, I will say that we both are so enamored as to how much our love has grown from the beginning of our relationship (8 years ago) and through 3 years of marriage. We definitely understand each other more than ever and have learned so much about what makes the other one tick. I will say that moving, getting new jobs/starting school, and moving in with each other all within the first few months of our marriage definitely made us learn quickly..but the learning never ends.

Here are a few pictures from that special day 3 years ago. I somehow only have a portion uploaded on my computer..so some were jacked from the good ole’ facebook.

Our celebration IS being delayed slightly because Josh is taking the bar this week. Big prayers that all of his preparation will pay off and his stress will be reduced as the days progress.


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