Remembrance and Cool Breeze

This week I have been quite a little traveler. Josh and I took our first load back to Nashville, and from there I hopped in the car with my mom, sister and brother to head up to Michigan. We’re here for my Grandma Steaban’s funeral. She lived to the great age of 90 and in her life she raised 5 children, saw 14 grandchildren grow and was able to meet many great grandchildren. Talk about a great family lineage! Today we will celebrate her life and enjoy the company of this great family she created.

Our large family is taking over the sleepy town of Capac, where my dad an his siblings were raised. We’ve packed grandma’s tiny 2 bed/1bath house full. All of us are there..the kids, grandkids, and even some if the great grandkids. We are sending grandma off with loads of love and remembering all the great memories we share of her and our times in that tiny little house. I couldn’t imagine a better way to show our love.

My travels have taken me from the flat lands and 110 degree weather in Dallas to the rolling hills of Tennessee, where it was mid 90s and finally back to flat land but much cooler temperatures (71 right now) of Michigan. Mom and I went for a good 45 minute run this morning which was so pleasant in the cooler temperatures. I’ll fly back to the blistering southwest heat on Saturday…that’ll be a hard transition.


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