Family farm

Yesterday we spent time with my Grandma Walton. She lives on a farm, which is where my mom and her two sisters grew up. I love visiting the farm because it is so peaceful. It’s not really a functioning farm anymore. My grandpa was a dairy farmer for most of his life and the land around my grandma’s home is now farmed by my mom’s cousin Randy. Grandma maintains some beautiful flower gardens and everything is so vibrant in color. The cooler climate really helps with that.

Yesterday we spent time chatting and catching up on the front porch. Mom an I sat in the rocking swing, grandma was in the rocking chair. We then took a little nap in the sunroom with the breeze coming through the screened windows. It was so nice to feel that cool air rush in while I slept. I look forward to fall nights with our windows open in Tennessee.

After our nap we headed up to the smokehouse. I wanted to get some stuff to take back the Dallas with me.


The smokehouse has great jerky and smoked salmon, among many other awesome things. Josh and I love their venison snack sticks. During deer season they will prepare all your meat for you, which is great for the hunters.

Then we picked up some sweet corn for dinner and headed back to the house.

The corn was so tasty!

After dinner grandma, mom, Olivia and I headed upstairs to go through some things. Grandma wanted to give mom a box of her things that were still at the house (makes me feel ok that I still have things at my parents’ house when my mom, whose been married for over 30 years, still has stuff at HER mom’s house). We ended up looking through grandma’s trunk first which had everything from her report cards and some childhood toys, to her wedding dress and cards in it. It was so fun to see all of that stuff and made me realize I need to be sure to keep special things. Grandma had journals in there of what she did every day. Some days were as simple as “I went to school.” and then on her birthday it had “Got a skirt and $12 for my birthday.” I hope my stuff is that fascinating one day!

It was a great day on the farm with family.


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