Weekend Fun

Josh and I had a pretty full weekend and had a lot of fun to boot.

Friday I had lunch with mom, went to a meeting to discuss my resume and job prospects (very very helpful), and then went for a hike with mom and Olivia at Percy Warner Park.  I absolutely LOVE hiking and the Greater Nashville area has some great spots.  We did the hills trail..which is pretty great.  There is just nothing like being on a trail surrounded by nature and an awesome tree canopy above.  After our hike I headed home to get cleaned up and then headed to dinner with Josh, my mom and dad-in-law, and 2 of their friends.  One of them is about to head to Iraq for a year with the State department..so it was a last dinner kind of thing.  We headed to Mickey Roos..one of Van and Jannelle’s favorite spots and got a table outside.  It was a great evening with great food and company.

Saturday morning I went in to do some paperwork at Hallmark.  I’m working there part time while I continue with my job search.  Then I headed out shopping with mom and Olivia.  We went to Green Hills because Olivia was dying to go to the new Nordstrom.  We had a great time together and I got a few things I needed for Hallmark (khaki pants and black shirts).  After we finished up shopping I headed home to get ready for a cookout at Jason and Deidre’s.  They had a ton of people over and we had a great time with all of them.  Cookouts are always a good time..even if the grill gets a little too hot and we have slightly burned hotdogs and hamburgers :).

Sunday was church and lunch at my parent’s house.  I love going over there on Sunday and helping my mom prepare lunch.  We have a great time chatting in the kitchen and making delicious food.  Mom continues to make desserts (even though we told her to stop)..but at least they’re pretty healthy.  This week she made a peach and raspberry galette…which is pretty much just the fruit cut up with a little bit of flour and sugar in a free form pie crust.  Easy and delicious!

Sunday afternoon we spent at home.  Josh did some projecting in the garage and I did some chores around the house.  One of our neighbors came by on horseback to say hello.  He had the sweetest horse..he said he’s like a lap horse because he loves to nuzzle..and that’s true.  He put his head down at my side for me to pet.  I wouldn’t mind owning a horse down the road…

Sunday night, after my staff meeting at Hallmark, we had dinner and sat out on the back patio and just enjoyed the nice weather and caught up about our weekends.  We hadn’t mom and dad (in-law) all weekend with them working and us running around.  It was a nice evening before the start of a new week.


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