Josh and I had a great Thanksgiving.  I started thanksgiving morning with a 5k run with mom.  It was nice to be up bright and early…and to continue a Thanksgiving Day Tradition mom and I started last year!  So, we did our 2nd annual Turkey Trot.  Looking forward to many more.  After the run, I headed home for breakfast with Josh and his parents, then got ready for the day.  We spent time with both of our families and stuffed ourselves entirely too full.  Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any pictures with the Vincent side.  The conversation and company was fantastic and Josh and I were even able to steal Annie (the Dickens’ family dog) away for a short walk through the neighborhood.

Here are a couple pictures from throughout the day.

Josh and I have so much to be thankful for this year:

We are thankful to be given the opportunity to move back to Nashville, where our hearts were calling us to be.  We have amazing family and are so thankful for their continuous support, especially while we restart life in another new city.  It’s not always easy..even if the new city is home.  We are thankful to have 3 lovely, wonderful years of marriage under our belt.  It’s amazing the things we have done in 3 short years and are thankful we survived some very stressful events ( school).  Which, brings me to our next BIG thanks: Josh passed the Texas bar!!  That is a huge, mac-daddy of thankfulness.  I am thankful to have a great group of girls to meet with every week and push me in my faith.


Now that I’ve had time to be thankful, and spend time relaxing with those I am most thankful for, I am looking forward to Christmas!



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