Happy Heart Day!

We aren’t huge Valentine’s Day celebrators over here in the Vincent household.  After all, we should be finding unique ways to show our love EVERY day, not just on the annual “day of love”.  I deeply love my husband and I am so thankful he loves me deeply in return.  I’m also thankful that we are able to show our love in small, meaningful ways every day.  For example, the past few evenings, Josh has had a fire roaring for me what I got home.  Or our time cuddling on the couch on Sunday afternoon, just relaxing together.  Since Josh is on campus to study for the Tennessee Bar, we’ll be enjoying a lovely lunch together at Au Bon Pain.

In honor of V-Day, I thought I would share one of my favorite love clips from Moulin Rouge, Elephant Love Medley.  I just love Ewan McGregor’s character and how hard he’s trying to convince Satine (Nicole Kidman) that love is the way to go, that “love lifts us up where we belong.”  Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good mash up of all the best love songs?

Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


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