We Love Bill Cosby

Josh and I love Bill Cosby…and more specifically, we love The Cosby Show.  We love those Cosby sweaters and the wholesome, family centered humor the show provides.  This summer, while it was BLISTERING hot in Texas, we spent many evenings with the Huxtable family.  They kept us laughing all summer long.

So, when I saw this picture over at A Cup of Jo, I had to share.

Photo of Bill Cosby by Michael Rougier

One thing we specifically love about The Cosby Show is the lessons Cliff tries to teach his children.  He always does so in a fun, loving way and always get through to them.  I find his lessons to Theo about money especially humorous, like the time they turned the whole house into “the real world” to teach Theo how to be more responsible with money.  I know, I know…life doesn’t always look so nice and neat.  But this show was a great place for families to come together and watch something funny and family friendly.

Man…The Cosby Show was good stuff.


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