Pleasantly Productive

This past weekend was a good one.  I worked at Hallmark Saturday until 5 and then headed to church for the Share the Spirit Auction.  This benefits the youth summer programs at BUMC: mission trips and choir tours for middle school and high school students.  It was fun to attend with my parents and watch the show the choirs has put together.  Sonshine Choir is something of a family tradition.  My brother was in the choir when he was in high school, I joined when I was of age, and now my beautiful, extremely talented sis is singing in the choir.  I would have to say she is by far the most musically talented person in our family.

The auction “showcase” is a bit different than it was in my day.  We used to be the servers for dinner and then also do a few choir song.  This year the theme was “Through the Decades” and featured a portion of “American Pie” by Don McLean, the “YMCA” by the Village People, Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way” (thank you for taking me back to middle school), along with some Jack Johnson and I’m sure other songs I just can’t remember at the moment.  Definitely a bit more modernized showcase than what we performed.

I didn’t bid on anything…because well, we just can’t afford to right now.  I did find some great pieces of art that I WISH I could have bid on.  One day I’ll be able to do such things.  But for now, I’ll just admire!

Sunday I overslept and didn’t make it to church.  But, we did go for a drive to check out the testing center for Josh’s test.  Then I got on the productive train and did laundry (including folding said laundry…something I’m pretty terrible at), ironed a bunch of stuff that had been piled up for a good while, cleaned the upstairs, and went to get groceries.

Sunday night I had the pleasure of meeting with all the wonderful ladies at small group and deciding on Beth Moore’s study of Daniel for our next round.  I’m looking forward to delving into the Word and working through it with my group!

Sunday night we watched a little bit of the Oscar’s while chowing down on Giada’s recipe for Angel Hair with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese.  This is one of my favorites!  it’s SO good.

I was zooming around the kitchen and didn’t have a chance to snap pictures, but here’s the recipe:

Thank you, Giada and Food Network for this great recipe!



2 thoughts on “Pleasantly Productive

  1. Just so you know, the Beth Moore Daniel Study is FANTASTIC! Our Women’s group did it a couple of years ago, but I learned so much and was so blessed to emerge my self in Scripture. Good choice!

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