Old Friends Show Us the Ropes

We haven’t done a great job of re-exploring Nashville since moving back in September.  To be honest, we really haven’t had much time to explore.  Between looking/finding a job, Josh studying for his tests, and living a good distance from Nashville, we’ve just wanted to lay low.

Now that Josh is done with all of those blasted tests, we can finally breathe a little easier and enjoy ourselves, relearn Nashville and all that it has to offer.  Who better to lead the exploration than old friends.  This week we’ve met up with a couple of friends for Sunday Brunch and again last night for Trivia at the Flying Saucer.  It’s been great to get reacquainted with this great city.  More importantly, it’s been great get reacquainted with old friends.  It’s definitely good for the soul and provides for some good laughs.

As they started naming all these spots around Nashville (and we continued to say, where? what?), we created a list of places to check out over the next few weeks.  Here is the beginning of our list, in no specific order (some were suggested by friends, others I added myself):

My goal is to provide a brief summary of each place once we’ve been there.  Looking forward to all the adventures and spending time with friends, both new and old.

Any other suggestions to add to the list??


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